Friday, 9 April 2010

Sink The Bismarck!

"Governmentalizing, and thereby controlling through an appropriate bureaucratic apparatus, the providing of medical, accident, and old age care and of death (burial) benefits seemed an obvious way to put the reins on laissez-faire capitalism as well as on labor."
The compulsory health insurance systems of countries like Taiwan and now the United States can draw its' lineage all the way back to Bismarck's compulsory sickness insurance scheme in 1884.

When I was a little boy of around five or six years old, my father used to keep several scale models of three battleships (the Hood, the Prince Of Wales and the Bismarck) on top of a large shelf reachable only by step ladder... or by a vicious bow and arrow shot from about twelve to fifteen feet away at the top of the opposing staircase. Dad hit the roof when he found out what I'd done to them!

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