Saturday, 10 April 2010

Inputs + Outputs

Glenn Reynolds for the Washington Examiner strikes matches in the dark here...
"In drafting the Obamacare bill they tried to time things for maximum political advantage, only to be tripped up by the complexities of the regulatory environment they had already created."
... and here...
"We're governed not just by people who do screw up constantly, but by people who can't help but screw up constantly. So long as the government is this large and overweening, no amount of effort at securing smarter people or "better" rules will do any good: Incompetence is built into the system."
A "system"...hmm... no, that falls short of identifying the thing in connexion to its' political purpose and also to its potential range of consequences. The purpose of applying political force at the two pressure points of compulsory purchase of health insurance for consumers, and forced compliance with state medical licensing for physicians, is to further entrench economic and therefore electoral dependency. That however, will certainly not be the only consequence. What this is - and there will soon be similar attempts to reconfigure immigration and education policies too - is a weapon; a people full of sublimated malice go in one end, get chewed up by the incompetence mechanism, and come out the other end all soul dispersed and ready for electoral submission. Or so I imagine a rough summary of the blueprint.

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