Saturday, 13 March 2010

What To Do When You Wake Up Inside A Comic Book Deliberately Written Weirdly

So I wake up with a bit of a hangover this morning - not too bad actually, but enough to make me run out for a bottle of Super Supau - and when I eventually drag myself in front of the laptop, I find a video entitled "Bird Imitates Construction Site". My eye passed over it for a second but then I looked back and read it again:
"Bird Imitates Construction Site".
I mean... christ. The video actually shows a bird - a Lyrebird - imitating the typical sounds of a construction site (drilling etc). But "Bird Imitates Typical Sounds Of Construction Site" is readily comprehensible if still retaining some weirdness - but "Bird Imitates Construction Site"?! What am I supposed to do with a title like that? Rupture my imagination muscles...

The video is fairly amusing as a spare minute point & chuckle, but if you make a video like this and put it up on the internet for people to watch, why weird the whole thing up as a desperate attention-seeking ploy? What the fucking hell is so valuable, and to whom (??), about a bird imitating sounds it hears that somebody decides to not only make a video to put over on the internet but to actively try to attract viewers by sounding retarded? And the corollary to that - other people sitting around all day trawling the internet for things appearing to be vaguely retarded... My excuse was recovery from a naughty little sortie out last night, but jesus man... if I wasn't in need of a shower, a tidy up, some onions, bacon etc right now then I could just spend the next hour or so delving into the mathematics pages on wikipedia just to sober myself up from that looniness. So that's my plan for the next hour or so... wash, onions, mathematics. Ripped out of context as say, a video title, that could seem at first like a random bunch of words - but if you savour them you can at least smell the order.

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