Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Commies Everywhere

The BBC - always a likely hangout for commie shitheads - has video up on their football site showing some lunatic calling himself "Attila The Stockbroker" barking about how football clubs should be "owned by the community" - like Barcelona. Watch how he spits out the word "customer" with utter contempt from 1.06 on:
"... and fans being treated like customers!"
Now I like football a lot and I don't see anything wrong with applying the concept of "customer" to a fan attending a football game. You pay your money and the club provides a team (and all the infrastructure neccessary to that) for you to watch. If you don't like it that rich people happen to mismanage your club, then buy them out with your own fucking money and if you haven't got enough - then shut up until you do have enough.

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