Friday, 8 January 2010

Patriot Missiles


I was pleased to read today's headline that the U.S. defense department has finally allowed Lockheed Martin to sell Patriot Missiles to the government in Taipei. Although I will not dispense with my ethical objection to purchases made with stolen money, I would be happy to make a voluntary contribution to the costs of appropriate military assets for the defense of this island from the hive of lawmakers in Beijing. Within Taiwan's tripartite military structure of Airforce, Navy and Army however, I hope for the abolition and disbanding of the Army and all of its' assets (including real estate) which is an inappropriate, unnecessary and immoral waste of resources for a small island.

Yours as ever,
Michael Fagan

(Sent: Friday 8th January 2010. Published by the Taipei Times: Sunday 10th January 2010)

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