Saturday, 9 January 2010


From today's Taipei Times editorial:
In the end, only the American Institute in Taiwan’s press release spoke the truth on this matter with the force and exposure that it deserved, and that is this: Science lost.

What this nameless scribbler is missing is that neither his precious "Science" nor the executive, legislature or judiciary have any natural right to force the decisions of either producers of beef products in the United States or of consumers in Taiwan in any direction to any degree whatsoever. Under conditions of free trade and free association, problems with the quality of beef products would be resolved and paid for by the beef producers themselves under the pressure of market competition. He/she is right however here:
US beef is not one of those matters, but that is not the point. For the Consumers’ Foundation, invigorated by the elevation of a former foundation president to the Control Yuan, power and fame is the game.

The necessity of scaling back government control over international trade cannot be evaded without the incurring of disgusting costs.

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