Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Gambling On The Mountain's Edge

Alright so I finally get around to doing a New Year post - is distraction the mother of all destruction? There are a million things I want to write about, but they must all take their rightful place in the priorities list.

Technologies like this one and this one and this one are of interest to me because they seem to offer the promise of freedom from centralized distribution networks - networks which of course are often controlled by the State even if indirectly through major shareholdings.

Hope for the preservation of sufficient freedom to successfully develop such technologies on a commercial basis is something I'd like to claim. Stacked against this hope however, are the presumptively governing bodies across the world supported by all manner of wicked and wrong everywhere (most especially in education, the arts, healthcare and the media).

The higher we climb the mountain, the deeper the abyss beneath us becomes.

To make predictions about the successful emergence of such world-shatteringly brilliant technologies strikes me as a fraudulent use of the term when perhaps "gambling" might be more accurate. Sure I would like to believe we could keep climbing indefinitely - but as I said, wicked and wrong are everywhere around us now and too many people cannot see them through the gathering twilight to be putting up the fight.

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