Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Bad Earphones

When I come out to the coffee shop to work on my other projects and do a bit of blogging, I like to bring my earphones with me so that I may avoid the stupid radio and the sound of stupid people's dogs yapping outside (why do people with dogs do that? I mean they know and can see that their dog will react angrily when in proximity to another dog, and yet they just stand there like idiots letting the dogs strain at each other while everybody else gets pissed off by the irregular noise of their yapping - why?!! Retards).

I just bought a new pair of earphones yesterday on the strength of their being cheap and appearing to be a design sufficiently similar to these which was also true of my last pair. Bad decision - these things are fucking stupid. The rings to wrap around your ears are disconnectable (as if that is an advantage - having them in the first place is the whole fucking point, otherwise I'd just buy a pair without them) and consequently always slip off. And the sound quality is atrociously tinny. I'll post the name of the company after I get back home.

Anyway, think I might go and sort out a new pair right now, and get a football while I'm at it, so I can listen to this while having a half-hour of kick-ups on the basketball court. The local kids will have ?? and !! all around their heads and I need the exercise.

Update: Earphones made by Sampo: EK-Y857MP. Don't buy them.

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