Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Shying away...

The Taipei Times refused to publish my most recent letter outlining the case against gun control, and instead publish somebody's praise for them. Those poor souls. Now I have nothing against praise per se, but what is being praised in this instance, along with a story about leaks of missile testing, is a claim that the ECFA will lead to "closing schools and low birthrates".

Now I don't care much for the ECFA, but the implication that continued or increased trade with China will somehow force schools to close and increase unemployment is ... well... how do I even begin to clean up something as sweaty and dirt-encrusted as that?

As for the editorial article on page 8 of the October 20th paper, I have to say I would cheer at the prospect of universities, colleges and schools closing down and professors up and down the island losing their jobs. Bring it on I say - can't happen soon enough. Those parasites have become swollen and bloated upon the mangled lives of millions of kids for decades now. Their "educational" services are not a necessary means for achieving a life of productivity and they never were.

Meanwhile - I myself receive praise in a comments thread at Samizdata. Yes it's very nice, but I question whether I really am deserving of Mid's superlative ("greatest respect") - there are people out there reaching to a far greater radius than I am and on a much more consistent and, I dare say, high quality basis - you know, I do have a life outside of putting stuff up on the internet and writing to the Taipei Times.

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