Thursday, 29 October 2009

More Vampire Blues Out Of Tainan

A closer look at the issue suggests that the problem lies in credentialism, or undue emphasis on degrees and other credentials.

These questions point to a conflict between the parental right to educate children and a child’s right to unrestricted character development.

Yet more evil gibberish from my one of my neighbours here in Tainan printed in the Taipei Times editorial section today.

Hey - Hsu Yue-dian (許育典) - I say you're dead wrong, and devious to boot. Here is the essential moral difference between you and me: I don't want the government to twist other people's valuations to favour my financial standing. I freely and honestly trade value for value as best I can manage. You hide behind the power of your bloated and prestigious taxpayer parasite.

Look: the problem had nothing to do with the "International Mind Research Institute's" credentials or lack of them, but it had everything to do with the utter fucking stupidity of those children's parents. I'm sorry, but there's no other more appropriate adjective here that would serve fidelity to the truth. Stupidity. There are people who are just stupid. They have children. Fucking deal with it. If you think "something should be done" - go and voluntary give those children private reading, writing and arithmetic classes yourself. Don't ever dare presume to further line your own pockets by getting the government to force people to put themselves into debt for your dirty "credentials and degrees" before they can try to earn a living. You ain't nothing but a vampire, sucking all the time. And that makes you far, far worse than some loopy "International Mind Research Institute".

Change your mind about who and what you are, or rot in hell with the rest of us.

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