Thursday, 10 August 2017

"Goolag Archipelago"

My output here has progressively declined in the last couple of years largely because I need to find another way to do it, and because I have a lot of distractions. But I have never kept quiet out of fear.

The story of the recently fired Google employee James D'Amore for circulating a memo on the upper echelons of the Google company being an insane, double-think, capital "L" Leftist echo chamber is yet another flashlight upon the intrusion of human monsters behind the scenes. Scott Alexander has a good post about it here. How many people are now choosing to remain silent and censor themselves for fear of the online lynch mob?

It is time for me to finally leave the Blogger platform and Google entirely. I am beginning the process of transferring and archiving all of my work here and setting up new social media accounts at the new platforms that are springing up to lure users away from Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter. My only regret is that I cannot get out instantaneously.

A prediction: the SJW lynch mob will eventually turn on each other and lynch themselves, and it will be some consolation to sit back from afar and watch evil consume itself.

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