Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Ben Shapiro On Charlottesville

I was going to write something about this earlier this morning, but ran out of time. Never mind, Ben Shapiro is far more thorough than I could have been with my limited time and multiple responsibilities. The utterly crass nature and stupidity of identity politics was obvious for years even before recent insanities. The only thing I would add to what looks like a looming civil conflict in the U.S. is that this conflict is not confined to the U.S. or even "the West" in general. Here in Taiwan for example, the obvious threat to our freedom is China but in my opinion there is also a growing liability of an increasingly politicized youth - largely because they are being radicalized by capital "L" Leftist SJW control freaks. It would be a terrible irony if Taiwan were to successfully deter Chinese annexation, only to self-impose mob rule and domestic Leftist tyranny.

Fortunately, we appear to still be some way from that happening.

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