Tuesday, 25 April 2017

France: Too Early Or Too Late?

Although I predicted the U.S. election of Donald Trump and was delighted by the Brexit referendum result, I am reluctant to make any predictions about the outcome of France's second round of voting in their presidential election.

Much though there may be to disagree with her on, Le Pen is the only candidate who is taking the threat of Islamic terrorism seriously. I do however, suspect that there is far more moral, intellectual and financial corruption in France than there is anger and sorrow over the innocent people murdered by Islamic terrorists. 

The French political and academic establishment are probably much more resistant to change than in the U.S. or Britain, as evinced by their history of recurring bloody revolutions. Eventually, the French will probably elect someone from the Right who is prepared to take Islamic terrorism seriously. 

Two questions occur to me: whether it is too early for them to elect Le Pen, and whether it will be too late for them to solve the problem of Islamic terrorism without recourse to bloody revolution if they don't vote for her?

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