Saturday, 7 January 2017

Anthony Brian Logan On The White Handicapped Teenager Tortured In Chicago By Black Racist Thugs

Anthony Brian Logan is doing pretty good work on his youtube channel, and I have now become a regular viewer. This appalling crime does nothing to quell my opposition to the concept of "hate crimes", but I agree that from a judge's perspective, this obviously qualifies as such. My comment on his video as below...


I find the concept of "hate crimes" disturbing to begin with but it's obvious that, from a judge's perspective, this should qualify as such given existing legislation. These sorts of crimes could already be punished under pre-existing legislation, and the sentencing could be adjusted without introducing an entirely new category of crime called "hate crime". Several problems with the concept... 1) It's not clear what, if any, additional deterrent effect is obtained by additional "hate crime" legislation. 2) The definitions of "hate" or "abuse" are so vague as to introduce a dangerous degree of subjectivity into the law, whereas something like "battery" can be objectively assessed. 3) The relevant categories (race, gender, sexuality, disability etc) of "hate crime" legislation directly contradict the idea of "equality under the law", as they (theoretically) raise the legal status of certain people, but not others. 4) "Hate crime" legislation requires that motive be established, which in many cases may often be difficult (though obviously not this particular case), and this may invite a watering down of judicial standards in order to increase conviction rates. All that being said, this particular case is still disgusting and the black thugs who carried this out should be punished severely. A final point might be that there are four perps involved in this case, only two of whom were male. The two female perps should not get off lightly just because it was the two males who did most of the physical "work". Those points aside, I think you're doing good work in this video. Keep it up, man.

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