Wednesday, 14 December 2016

"Nicotine & Gravy"

The prospective Chinese military threat to the people of Taiwan is certainly grave, and yet, when I read stories like this, I can't help but think that there is an additional threat from within that is not being widely recognized for what it is: the interminable, suffocating spread of crazy. Read this story and try not to ask yourself  "what the fuck?"
"A substitute teacher in Tainan said she was investigated by the city’s Bureau of Education for going topless during a parade in support of gay marriage in Kaohsiung last month."
Where to start with this? Why is she being "investigated" for getting her chebs out? And why on earth was she getting them out anyway? And what do her (not particularly great) chebs have to do with gay marriage anyway?

Nothing in this makes any sense whatsoever.

And then the stupid girl says this...
"Some people told me that teenage boys can be sexually aroused by women’s breasts, so it is inappropriate to expose them, but we must consider why we always assume that teenage boys become aroused by women’s breasts. Are breasts only good for satisfying people’s sexual fantasies?"
Her claim that somebody had to actually tell her that teenage boys like to look at (beautiful) women's tits is not only obvious bullshit (what post-pubescent girl isn't aware of this fact?), but is a transparent attempt to "denormalize" or "deligitimize" male sexuality by bringing it into question. But more than that, she's clearly seeking male attention but doesn't dare to ask for it openly and honestly, perhaps because her mind has been warped by third-wave feminism and the tidal insanity of political correctness.

Darling: a sexually attractive woman is not sexually attractive merely on account of the shape and size of her chebs or any other part of her anatomy. It's a package deal, the minimum requirements of which include not being a single-brain-celled, swivel-eyed, feminist lunatic.

For readers who didn't immediately get the source for the title of this post.

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