Sunday, 13 November 2016

Those "Tolerant", "Peaceful" Democracy Activists...

"Love Trumps Hate"... "Stronger Together"... "When They Go Low, We Go High"...

Those were some of the inane campaign slogans for Hillary Clinton, at least before she lost the election and the Leftist monsters came out to smash up their towns and cities in what may only euphemistically be called "protests". Those slogans have now, ahem, gone up in flames...

In watching the following video from the Associated Press, it is clear that this particular "protest" in Portland, Oregon is in fact not a protest at all, but a riot and a descent into mindless violence. If I recall correctly, no such riots took place when Obama was elected in 2008.

These anti-Trump riots underscore two observable characteristics of Leftist politicians like Clinton. First is their hypocrisy in claiming to be tolerant and opposed to "divisiveness" whilst remaining silent as rioting occurs across the country following their electoral loss. Second, is their tendency to projection - of accusing their opponents of the very things (in particular their intolerance of views contrary to their own) that they and their supporters have in spades.


  1. Oh my God, I can't believe that, those people are crazy..They break bus shelters because they are frustrated by the election, I can't believe that. They are furious madmen, stupid idiots..

  2. Yes, it's exactly what I would expect from barbarians.


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