Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Yet More Desperate Nonsense From Michael Turton

This is his comment on yesterday's tank accident in Pingtung county in which three soldiers were killed...
"Four soldiers were killed when a tank accidentally drove off a bridge in Pingtung, This is a sadly normal kind of accident (as was the recent missile incident) that occurs whenever young people drive around in hi-powered vehicles. It is not evidence of anything except that young men in armies are the same everywhere." 
It is not evidence of that either. A tank crashes in Taiwan so therefore young men in armies are the same everywhere... simply does not follow. Whilst incidents like this (and the missile mishap he refers to) may further undermine public trust and confidence in the military, it doesn't do anyone any good to try to mitigate this effect by talking out of your arse.

The investigation into the cause of the accident has only just begun, and yet he has already divined the cause as being "young people driving around in "hi"-powered vehicles". Quite aside from the amusing question of how power is generated from soldiers grunting the word "hi!", the conceit with which he dismisses all other possible conjectures as to the cause of the accident (e.g. that tanks may be unreliable due to poor maintenance, or that tank driver training may be inadequate) is really just desperate nonsense.

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