Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Yet Another "Mohamed" In France

Report in the Telegraph today:
"He stabbed the girls while they breakfasted on the terrace of their chalet and then went inside and knifed their mother."
And who is this "he"?
"The attacker, named as Mohamed B, 37, "may have acted out of religious motives", French television channel TF1 reported."
Yes that's right, yet another "Mohamed". He probably wasn't a "real" Muslim though, and we can deduce this from the brave reaction of the local Mayor...
"The local mayor, Edmond Francou, said he preferred “not to speculate about the motive of the attack” in the wake of the massacre in Nice last week."
Coward. We all know what this is - it's weak, mentally unstable individuals of North African and Middle Eastern descent who are exposed to Islam and then use this as an excuse to start murdering random people for things which are only forbidden under Islamic law.

But France is not an Islamic country.

It's time for us to start fighting back, and that will require check-mating the politically correct eunuchs in positions of political leadership and deliberately ignoring the "progressive" depots in the politically correct media. It means, for a start, bulldozing mosques in France itself and deporting or exiling Islamic clerics. It means allowing civil and market discrimination against Muslims throughout France. It means implementing a travel ban on high-ranking officials in Islamic countries and it means freezing and possibly expropriating their financial assets held in international banks.

France, along with Russia and the signatory nations to NATO, still enjoy an immense technological advantage over the Islamic countries. Perhaps we should start actually using this. If we were to get serious, we would deliver a warning: for every Islamic attack on innocent people in a western country like France, Britain, or the U.S. one city, somewhere in the Muslim world, is going to get 24 hours notice to allow evacuation before being incinerated.

To fail to countenance measures such as these is to refuse to recognize the reality we are facing. How many more people are we going to allow to be butchered by Islamicized psychopaths with trucks, bombs, knives, handguns and rifles while we sit back with nuclear submarines, cruise missiles, fighter-bomber aircraft, B52s and do nothing?

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