Wednesday, 6 July 2016


My immediate reaction to Ken Clarke's comments as he was being filmed "unawares" while waiting for a Sky interview. I don't buy that for a second; it was a deliberate attempt to undermine both Gove and Leadsom's candidacies.

There are two possibilities; the first is that the bloated old toad really was unaware that he and Malcolm Rifkind were being filmed; the second is that he knew perfectly well he was being filmed.

If the first is true, then the filming was done with the expectation that either one of them would make comments of this nature that could then be released by Sky in order to undermine the Brexit candidates Leadsom and Gove. That would implicate at least one, if not all, of the producers at Sky News and it would be further indication of how far the rot has set in at Sky.

If the second possibility is true, then Clarke made his comments in deliberate conspiracy with the Sky News producers in order to undermine Gove and Leadsom. Specifically, his claim that Leadsom is insincere in her support for Brexit is perhaps the only thing that could, if enough people believed it, seriously undermine her.

I don't know which of the two possibilities are actually true, but I am convinced one of them is. The despot class are trying to find ways to "explain" and subsequently ignore the referendum result.

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