Monday, 18 July 2016

On The Bastille Day Attack In Nice

There are only two questions.

First, how many more French people are going to be brutally murdered by Islamicized death-cult fanatics before the French government actually starts fighting back?

Second, how are they to fight back?

In answer to the second question there are a number of easily imagined options. The French government could begin a policy of deporting those Islamist death-cult preachers that aren't citizens; they could seize funds from mosques attended by fanatics and distribute these to the victims of Islamist attacks. 

Then bulldoze those mosques, raizing them to the ground. 

In cases where the perpetrators hold French / EU citizenship, the French government could choose to exile fanatics and death-cult preachers to some remote island in the South Atlantic. Without impinging on freedom of speech, the French government could amend or abolish anti-discrimination legislation to allow French people to freely discriminate against and ostracize Islamists, thereby providing an incentive for reasonable Muslims to disassociate from Islamist nutters. There should also be public programs to encourage apostasy and to protect apostates from violent reprisals.

These are all relatively small, practical measures that the French government could take (but probably won't). They may not be sufficient to stop Islamist attacks occuring. Personally I would add the legalization of personal firearms ownership, though I suspect this may be culturally "impossible" for the French.

There is also the nuclear option, and I think resistance to the idea of nuclear weapons being used again is going to be increasingly eroded as further Islamist attacks occur on western soil and the public sees their elected governing class not doing anything much about it. And it may only be a question of time before one of these Islamist death-cult groups acquires or "appropriates" nuclear weapons themselves.


  1. I am agree with you..except may be for the personal firearms, but as you said it's cultural. The Holland's governement will not take any special measures I am sure, I think it is too late, the apple is rotten from many years of laxity, of compassion for immigrants. I give you an example, the veil is forbidden, the law should be respected, but if you go to France you'll see plenty of Muslim women wearing the veil ... the police said nothing, they afraid.. it's crazy, I am so angry!

  2. I dislike the veil too, but I don't think it should have been banned. The better policy is to allow civil and market discrimination against Muslim women wearing the veil, for example shops with signs saying "we do not serve Muslim women wearing veils". If the government bans something, but then does not enforce the ban, then this will simply undermine public respect for the law - as you correctly point out.

    I believe the better solutions are usually social solutions, not State enforced.


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