Wednesday, 29 June 2016

"The Poncey Remnants"

"Ever since Friday’s Glorious Victory, one of the chief recreation activities of we Brexiters of a childish bent has been the Taunting Of The Remnants, mostly online. ‘How are you comforting yourself?’ one Facebook post asked. ‘In the usual way – with the tears of the vanquished,’ I replied..." 
"...We have been told that the vote – and the nation – is divided between rich and poor and young and old but frankly I believe that the biggest divide was between Ponces (Remain) and Non-Ponces (Leave)."
The hilarious Julie Burchill writing in the Spectator. I have been doing my taunting of the poncey remnants mostly offline down the pub, though I really need to finish my own post-Brexit essay.

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