Friday, 3 June 2016


"Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft have signed up to new EU rules on taking down illegal hate speech as lawmakers and internet giants try to cope with violent racist abuse and technically savvy terrorists online. The “code of conduct” will require companies to “review the majority” of flagged hate speech within 24 hours — and remove it if necessary — and even develop “counter narratives” to combat the growing problem." 
So what we have all known for a long time is now finally official: the internet is now a police state run by leftists. The wording on "terrorists" and "racist abuse" is just window dressing; they are not interested in terrorists and racists. They are out for one thing only: command control over culture via the imposition of politically correct decrees at once prescribing and proscribing what values any single person may hold.

Yet human values arise from the desires and rationality of individual human beings. To attempt to impose "values" on millions of individual human beings is a monstrous crime. Our rationality and desires connect us to and arise from the reality in which we live; to attempt to sever this connection is to attempt to engender cultural psychosis en masse. It is to engage in perhaps the largest systematic destruction of human value ever attempted.

Eventually, there is going to be violence. You can't systematically suppress millions of people without consequences. As Frank Zappa once said: "A fire in the street ain't like a fire in the heart..."

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