Monday, 20 June 2016

"A Just Hatred"

I've never posted anything related to Game Of Thrones before, and I may never again, but this scene was vicariously satisfying and deserves to be remembered.

It's not too far away from what happend to the guy who poisoned my dogs. And there may be a few other worthy individuals who've got it coming at some point, too.


  1. I was a huge GoT fan until this episode: the deus ex machina, the Good triumphing over Evil--it has become Hollywood. I was disappointed.

  2. Disagree. I was disappointed with the last episode, but delighted with this one. This was just one battle, albeit a strategically important one so I don't think the "good triumphing over evil" theme was overplayed. Even with Winterfell, Jon, Sansa and their allies are still in a terrible prospective situtation as the Wall is not properly fortified, so this triumph has to be weighed against that. Also, I didn't see their obvious last minute rescue as a let-down simply because of the way Sansa played it. I can see how people think it was a "plot hole", but I think Sansa's lines to Jon in the pre-battle conversation were perfectly pitched. She wanted to tell Jon, but at the same time she knew she couldn't because it was a trap for Ramsay; if she'd have had the Vale army with Jon from the start, then Ramsay would have just sat in Winterfell and waited them out, like Roose had suggested earlier in the season.

  3. We shall see in the next episode. Still, GoT is great. It is the only tv I watch anymore.


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