Sunday, 1 May 2016

Two Brief Excursions In Kaohsiung County & Miaoli County

This afternoon I drove down to Kaohsiung's Yanchao and Tianliao districts to try once more to find the overflow outlet for the Cishan trans-basin diversion tunnel. Although I followed up a few little roads I hadn't previously explored in the area, sadly I found nothing and was reduced to taking pictures of the mudstone ridges...

"Into my big mouth you could fly a plane...": Standing on the edge of a broken road above the mudstone valley.
Panorama shot taken with a filter; the mountains behind the mudstone ridges were where I found Erhjen over a year ago.
The red motorbike I drove up here on.

Yesterday morning I took the 6.50 a.m. train up to Miaoli with the purpose of taking the boat out to the back and beyond of Mingde reservoir to photograph the final weir punctuating the feeder river. This was a minor errand that I'd had in the back of my mind for some time, but it needed to be done. It was a brief trip, with the objective accomplished in short order, although not quite quickly enough for me to catch my 12.38 p.m. train back to Tainan.

The last in a series of weirs punctuating the feeder river for Mingde reservoir. It has stood for close to half a century, but the abutment to the weir on the southern shore has been the unfortunate recipient of some extraordinarily violent force. Note that the weir contains two rows of outlet holes none of which has water passing through them; note also the film on surface of the stagnant water stretching out some ten meters or so from the weir.  
On my way back to the launch point; the bridge in the distance carries the 126 road across the back of the reservoir and from which the weir is not visible due to the curve of the river's course.
After passing under the former bridge, there is then this, recently constructed bridge, to pass under. Probably a bunch of people saw me rowing my boat back and had a slight "whiskey, tango, foxtrot" moment.

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