Wednesday, 27 April 2016

"Red Mist"

I have to prevent myself from reading the rest of this report lest I smash something in rage...
"Thirty-nine dogs have died in Chiayi County since Monday, allegedly due to heat exhaustion, after 70 dogs and a cat were loaded into a vehicle designed to carry just 20 animals, leading to the head of a local animal agency and other personnel being demoted."
Demoted? I'd have totally lost it and just beat them all over until the cops dragged me away.

But that aside, the broader fault for such instances of gross incompetence and negligence lies with the Taiwanese tendency to "outsource" the stray dog problem to government instead of taking personal responsibility for it. And part of that lies with the craven attitude of men in acquiescing to the overriding female preference for "cute" toy breeds that they can carry around in their handbags, and this helps make it harder for larger breed dogs to find a home.

I write this after having taken Tinkerbell to the vet's this morning to get her stitches replaced.


  1. Agree!I hope they will have a very heavy penalty, dogs breeding farms should be banned in Taiwan , they should first regulate the stray dogs problems before thinking to have breeders . When I see that some are spending fortunes to dress their dogs and put them in strollers, I tell myself that this society has a mental serious problem!

  2. Sylvie... yes, it's terrible. I hate dog breeding farms because I've seen the poor dogs they abandon on the street and I've had to find homes for them before. I keep saying it's the culture and psychology of the people that must change - banning things usually doesn't make them go away, it just makes them worse.

    Dani: En effet, il est très triste!


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