Monday, 11 April 2016

Hushan Reservoir (湖山水庫) Starts Filling...

"The newly built Hushan Reservoir (湖山水庫) in southern Taiwan is expected to become operational in July, supplying water to Yunlin County..."
News report in this morning's paper. I've been there several times already, once in November 2014 and twice in May 2015, while the construction was nearing completion.
 "The reservoir, completed in December last year after 14 years of construction, began collecting water on Saturday last week..." 
That's good news, but the timing is a bit off as I have just moved my black motorbike to Miaoli. I could drive up from Tainan on the other motorbike, but that would be a long drive. Nonetheless the opportunity to photograph the filling process for a new reservoir is fascinating, so I'll have to make time for this somehow.
 "Built on the largest dam in the nation, it has an optimal capacity of 52.18 million cubic meters..."
The new dam is neither the longest in Taiwan (that's Agongdian reservoir dam), nor the highest in Taiwan (that's Deiji reservoir dam, I think). It is however the largest by volume and weight. The quoted capacity figure for the reservoir is actually very small relative to the size of the dam that impounded it. Tainan's Nanhua reservoir for instance is about three times as large with a dam that is nowhere near as large as Hushan's.

The obvious criticism that could be made is that Hushan reservoir does not represent value for money. But you can only make that criticism if you understand the numbers.

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