Monday, 25 April 2016

A Few Limericks On The Merkel-Erdogan Disgrace...

I just knocked these up now while having lunch before I go back to work. Posted on Samizdata.

There once was a ruler of Turkey,
Who fucked goats like that Merkel of Germany.
But when a young man,
Comedian Jan,
Took note of this they took his liberty.

There once was a young poet in Germany,
Who mocked the goat fucking ruler of Turkey.
But despite what he thought,
He lacked the support,
Of the Chancellor who wrote off his liberty

There once was a comedian in Germany,
Who mocked Erdogan via the medium of poetry.
Yet the Turkish cunt called,
Frau Merkel who thought,
A prosecution would add to her legacy.

There once was a Chancellor of Germany,
With a taste for Middle Eastern dictatory.
She dragged out to the court,
A young man who thought,
That free speech was a democratic liberty.


Some of the others are good like this one by "HaqJaqShellaq":

"I know laughing at Erdo appeals,
But please try to think how he feels.
He can’t help it if he
Would much rather be
A meth whore in fishnets and heels."

And this one by "Gordon":

"When young Jan called Erdo a goat fucker,
Merkel’s elite ass surely did pucker.
But maybe the bloke just might have misspoke
– what he meant was Erdo’s a goat sucker."


  1. A despotic tyrant from turkey
    whos banging a bird called merkey
    He loves killing kurds
    and hates to be slurred
    but crybaby's still a big fuckin' jerky


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