Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Comments At Thinking Taiwan: "Taiwan's America"

My comment, the first one attached to the current "Thinking Taiwan" headline article by Peter Enav, as below...

Again, as with Peter Enav's previous article on this subject here, one is left wondering what its' actual purpose was. It does not inform, as it contains no new information. It does not provide analytical insight, as Mr Enav's "analysis" of electoral prospects in the U.S. and the implications for Taiwan amounts to nothing more than the claim that Hillary Clinton might be good because she has in the past said some negative things about China. 

The rest of the article was just nasty, abusive, baseless, libellous filler, none of which was necessary (unless perhaps you have a word-count to meet and haven't got anything of substance to say). Given that the ostensible standard for commentary moderation here is that "remarks containing abusive language, personal attacks or self-promotion will not be published", one wonders what editorial standards, if any, apply to articles submitted for publication. 


I will write up my criticisms of this article in detail when I have more time...


To save myself time, I copy and paste my fourth comment on that article here...


In another article on this site, J.M. Cole correctly remarks that Beijing's insistence on "reminding" the international community of their "one China policy" is redolent of the Marxist-Leninist tactic of repeating a falsehood until it becomes accepted as truth because good people are too busy to question or repudiate it. There is no small irony in seeing this same tactic apparently employed by Mr Enav.

He uses it three times.

The first is the clearly false claim that Trump or "Republicans" in general are racist because they seek a more selective door policy with regard to Muslim immigrants. To call someone a racist is a serious charge. To do it not only without any evidence whatsoever, but on grounds that are obviously false (because Islam is a religion, not a racial category), and which the author himself surely knows to be false, just goes to show that it is he who inhabits a "non-reality based universe".

Second is the old smear of Senator McCarthy, whose reputation among historians has recovered considerably (though perhaps not entirely as he made no shortage of errors) due to the declassification of old counter-intelligence programs  showing that his anti-communist campaign was generally correct; the administrations of Truman and Eisenhower were indeed full of communist moles working for the Soviet Union.

Third is the presumptuous moral preening about the recent climate change agreement in Paris. The centrally relevant fact is that there has been no statistically significant global warming for over a decade. The "pause" in global average temperature increase, as it is being called among climate scientists, looks set to continue even though the global average for carbon dioxide emissions reached 400 ppm earlier this year (with half of that rise occurring since 1980). Therefore the simplistic notion that increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide causes increasing global average temperatures is obviously wrong. The actual mechanics of climate change are not yet well understood enough to enable accurate prediction, let alone control.

But that doesn't matter. All that matters is trumpeting for the right people - the truly true friends of the truth (like Mrs Clinton) to come to power.


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