Sunday, 30 August 2015

Rain, rain go away...

It has rarely stopped raining all week, it has rained throughout this weekend and it looks likely to continue raining all through next week too. This is unfortunate. All of Taiwan's reservoirs (with one exception) are now full and will have to be partially emptied to protect the dams. That's an awful lot of water which cannot be conserved, which must instead be returned to nature and is as a result, wasted. The city parks here in Tainan once more contain large areas of standing water which cannot be drained because the soil is absolutely saturated; this is a health hazard as it affords a breeding ground to mosquitos and already there have been reports of more than two and a half thousand cases of dengue fever this year in Tainan alone.

And it also means that my planned reservoir trips have been spoiled once again. I have instead spent the weekend at home, doing nothing much but cleaning out the washing machine and various other chores. I do have a slight headache though, so if I develop any of the other symptoms in the next day or two I'll get myself checked out at the hospital for possible dengue fever (hopefully, it's just a headache and nothing more).

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