Saturday, 13 June 2015

"A Second Class Variation On Orwell's Jackboot Stamp..."

This is why I am afraid of Tsai Ing-wen and the people in her political camp. If you are not free to trade, to buy from whomever and sell to whomever you wish, then you are not free. Period. There can be no "social" freedom without the corresponding "economic" freedom.

And Tsai Ing-wen's people seem to denigrate the free market as a matter of unthinking reflex.


  1. Your response to that article was excellent, Mike. Nothing further to add.

    [Off-topic for this particular post, but I've also enjoyed reading your reservoir posts over the last year or so and especially enjoyed the bird photos you've snapped.]

  2. Cheers Steve.

    I am somewhat curious as to how Ms Peng came to get her articles published at that place.

    There are still many more reservoir posts to come; more work to do at other reservoirs I have only visited once or twice and then there are still a few I haven't yet seen at all.


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