Friday, 16 January 2015

The Day Of Sickness

Early yesterday afternoon, whilst at work, I began to feel a mild "tightening" of my stomach. By the time I'd finished that job in the late afternoon it was still there and became noticeably worse on my drive down to Kaohsiung for the evening job. I pulled in at a pharmacy to get some anti-acid tablets and took two before I started work - I also ate a readymade in a 7-11. During work the problem became quite painful, so much so thatI had to sit down rather than stand as I usually do. I also began to shiver with body chills. The drive back to Tainan on the motorbike was uncomfortable.

I immediately took the dogs out to the park and then cooked their food for them. Whilst the pot was cooking, I took a hot shower and after washing just sat down for ten minutes with the hot water running over me. When the food was cooked and I had left the shower and changed, I let it cool for fifteen minutes whilst I had a lie down on the sofa. Getting up to cut the food (four pig hearts) up for the dogs was a very difficult task as I was losing control of my hand movements and overcome with the desire to just lie down and curl up into a ball.

I slept from about 10.30pm to 1am at which point I woke up to to the bathroom. I felt much better after that and got myself some hot water to drink. During the rest of the night I slept in fits and starts, which may have been because the sofa is relatively hard. 

In the morning my stomach felt better, but it was still inflamed and I was still suffering from headaches and aches and pains. The body chills were gone though and my fever had come down a little. I took the dogs to the park and sat under a tree for half an hour in the sunshine. 

Since then I've stayed indoors and called in sick. I've got very little energy and cannot eat because I have a suppressed urge to vomit. I've had half a cup of coffee but couldn't finish it. It's now well after 5pm and I'm worried how long this is going to last for. If it stays this bad, then I won't go anywhere this weekend.

This is the first time I've been sick in maybe a year.

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