Friday, 30 January 2015

On Baihe Reservoir (白河水庫) Below Pillow Mountain (枕頭山)

Another shot from last Sunday afternoon at Baihe reservoir. Taken with the 18mm kit lens with a filter attached and then the image cropped afterwards. The location from which the shot was taken is close to the "front" (i.e. west) of the fork's northern arm; the "gate" connecting the east to the west of the reservoir can be seen in the distance (the gap between the trees, with the pylon in the background); the landform ahead and to the left is the central peninsula which splits the east end into a fractal fork - on the other side of that spit of land is the southern branch of the fork. Around the corner to the right lies the entrance to the central channel which also connects the west and east ends of the reservoir. The mountain in the distance is "pillow mountain" (枕頭山), a local landmark from whose peak the reservoir's central channel and northern corridors cannot be seen.

Last Sunday I navigated my way all the way through that channel and back again as slowly and as thoroughly as I could. I took about several hundred photographs with the real camera this time instead of the phone camera. I am again stretched for time, having just got the black bike from the shop after having the worn-down clutch handle and old indicator lights replaced because they were dropping to pieces.

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