Sunday, 19 October 2014

Weekend Lull

No reservoir trip this weekend. Instead I helped friends with various things yesterday night and this morning I went on a hike with my landlord and his family before signing a new contract for next year; I love the little house I am renting due to its' location and convenience for walking my dogs. We went up to Baihe and hiked Jilongshan(基隆山), which is the smaller of Tainan County's two largest peaks, the other being Dadongshan (大凍山). On the way I learned that I had been in error about the name of the smaller mountain in front of them which overlooks Baihe reservoir - apparently it is actually called "Zhentoushan" (枕頭山) whereas I had confused it for Dadongshan. It's always good to get error correction.

No pictures today I'm afraid - although there was plenty of sunshine, the atmospheric haze was quite bad - and because I am not an experienced hiker (and because I have laid off the exercise routine for two weeks now), I had anticipated struggling with the climb and so I chose to leave my camera behind. I had only my phone camera and the GoPro. That was a mistake - both because I spotted a resting sparrowhawk in a tree just before the hike began, and because the hike itself was much easier than I had thought it would be. The extra weight of the camera kit wouldn't have been a problem. From the sounds of it, the hike up to Dadongshan and across to Tseng-wen reservoir and back again would probably have suited me better physically.

Next weekend I may take one or two people out to a reservoir here in the south, before heading up to Nantou myself to continue where I left off there.

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