Friday, 5 September 2014

Perry de Havilland On The PC Zombies

"The English 'fascist' movement is a bit like a bowel movement, smelly but easily disposed of. In truth they are so trivial in terms of their support or intellectual influence that I cannot escape the notion they get as much publicity as they do primarily to keep them as a boogieman to be pointed at by their equally irrelevant confrères on the loony left. 
The Rotherham scandal is not about comically half witted and pleasingly unphotogenic fascists (sorry Ed Temple). It is not about Islam or Pakistanis (sorry BNP, EDL et al.). It is not even about immigration (sorry UKIP). It is *entirely* about how political culture pushed unfailingly by the Guardian and the BBC for decades has so completely enervated British institutions and all the mainstream political parties that such thugs could not be dealt with. We do not need more laws, we have more than enough to deal with what happened. What we need is the preposterous culture of political correctness and its obsession with race to be flushed down the toilet. 
So my caring sharing multicultural leftie chums... Rotherham? That is entirely down to you. Yes, YOU."
Perry de Havilland comments on a VICE news piece about the gathering of EDL supporters in the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham following the now widely read allegation that large numbers of girls were repeatedly raped by gangs of Muslim men between 1997 and 2013 in the full knowledge of the relevant government authorities charged with both law enforcement and child protection*.

If the allegation is proven to be true, then the minimum that must happen is that the individuals who actually carried out these rapes ought to be severely punished**. However, that will not really be enough, because, as Perry points out, it is the power and cultural influence of the politically-correct brigade that is the festering, underlying problem. The most serious enemy of individual freedom in the west is not the barbarism of a few Muslims, but the enemy within: the now long-since zombified application of "equality" in increasingly unequal measures.

*Similar cases have surfaced elsewhere in England in the last few years too.
**In these other cases, the Muslim perpetrators have been sentenced to jail terms of four to nine years. I do not know how to decide the appropriate severity of punishment, but if the victims' would prefer the perpetrators suffer the old practice of being hung, drawn and quartered, then they would find no objection from me.

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