Friday, 1 August 2014

Last Night's Gas Explosions In Kaohsiung City

I was only just made aware of this now this lunchtime after being at work all through this morning. Sometime after 1am last night in Lingya district to the south of the city from Sanduo (3rd) road down to Yixin (1st) road. Apparently twenty two people have been killed and nearly three hundred injured. I found the video disturbing to watch, not because it shows much but because of the horrible volume of the explosions in the middle of the night. Had that happened where I now live in Tainan (I used to live in Kaohsiung), those explosions would have terrified my dogs. A number of possibilities would probably have crossed my mind upon hearing those explosions before the notion of a mains gas pipe failure occurred to me. There will have to be an investigation to determine what went wrong and how.

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