Saturday, 19 July 2014

England To Scotland Is NOT As China To Taiwan

"Looking ahead, the Scottish vote will be keenly watched in Taiwan, home to a strong independence movement."
Richard Halloran in yesterday's Taipei Times. I shall say only this: England and Wales do not threaten Scotland with over a thousand ballistic and cruise missiles should they vote for independence. Although I myself am English, I lived in Edinburgh for over three years as a postgraduate, and though I still sometimes miss Edinburgh in some respects, I am glad I am not there now. I cannot stand the Scottish Nationalists.

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  1. there are economic/political threats that may be similar to Taiwan and China.
    UK/Scotland and Spain/Catalonia seem to layer the Scottish question.

    Wasn't it Spain that held an influential position in the EU up until recently. That individual threatened economic/political isolation to both jurisdictions, something Cameron seemed to be happy with. A man who is quiet because of his lack of popularity and uses the threat of institution discontinuity.

    nationalism is never nice. even power that be in canada are trying to construct its ugliness


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