Monday, 2 June 2014

Views From "Rooster Mountain"

The first of these overlooks the mudstone ridge formations of Tianliao, over which Freeway No.3 passes after leaving a tunnel through Rooster Mountain itself. Few people will know this, but buried beneath that blanket of mudstone somewhere lies the trans-basin diversion channel carrying water from the Cishan river far away on the other side of Rooster Mountain...

Above: the little valley on the other side (eastern side) of Rooster Mountain. Along with Rooster Mountain itself, the line of hills on the other side of this little valley form the geological tail end of the hills that comprise the western boundary of the Cishan valley itself; on the other side of this valley lie the massive flood plains just before the confluence of the Cishan and Laonung rivers.

I was there over the long weekend to re-scout a location I had previously found by accident with Niki over a year ago*. There is one specific little farmers' hilltop well to the west of Rooster Mountain which, once a certain tree has been climbed, affords a relatively unobstructed view toward Agongdian reservoir from the south-east. I did not actually find it, but I did find the way to get to it, plus a few other interesting locations I had not previously been aware of.

*Driving up and down Rooster Mountain reminded me vividly of the last time I had been here with Niki. We were good friends for a while and I miss her very much, but that's a bridge I just don't know how to fix. And yes, I wish I could fix it.

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