Wednesday, 16 April 2014

When Our Nine Lives Run Out...

I ought to have posted this last week, but a combination of events and me not feeling like it resulted in me putting it off.

I had taken the cat to the vet on, I think the Monday (March 31st), and the vet called me on the Friday to say she was doing much better - indeed her eyes had all cleared up and she was making noise. However, he advised me to keep her on the IV drip for another few days as she was still too weak.

On the following Tuesday (the 8th) I got another call from the vet to tell me she had died of lung failure. When I asked how old he thought she had been, the vet replied: about seven years old. For how much of that time she had survived by herself on the streets we will never know. I paid off the vet bill for the cat, including the cremation costs, which was at a discounted rate due to the cat being an unfortunate stray.

These were among my last looks at her, already lifted out of the recovery cage and into the little cardboard box for her final journey, eyes cast down with the soul already departed...

I did what I could for her. I just wish other people had done what they could have done for her whilst she was still alive.

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