Saturday, 12 April 2014

Email Out Regarding The Sunflower Protests

I simply don't have time to write the essay concerning the Sunflower movement that I've thought about doing. It's already after 1am on Friday night, and I have an early start on Saturday morning. In liu of that then here is a brief email reply I just sent out to Nathan Novak in relation to comments posted here.



You write that you cannot help yourself but support the movement as you find it to be an improvement over the KMT. Yet why does the movement need your support? Or mine? They did what they did quite without my "support", so what reason is there for either of us to show support? Unless we are talking about buying water bottles or tents or something, then I don't see any reason our "support" would make any difference whatsoever. I don't have the time or ability to go publicity campaigning on their behalf, and neither I suspect do you - and I certainly wouldn't want to do something like that without real confidence.

I am not sure about the Sunflower movement yet. On the one hand, I can agree to civic restriction of the government's operation particularly because I think there are other reforms to be prioritized ahead of trade liberalization - especially trade liberalization with China. I indicated the nature of these reforms in my comments about depoliticization.

However, I have yet to see any sign that those types of reforms have been seriously considered by either Chen Wei-ting or Lin Fei-fan or anyone else. Moreover, though there are some aspects of their protest I can agree to, there are others that contain the dubious elements typically found among throughout the political culture, e.g. the income inequality trope you mentioned. 

I have nothing to bet with except my life, so I am not about to go all in on a two-pair bet pre-flop. For the time being, I have nothing to offer them beyond bottles of water and an alternative way of looking at things. That'll have to do.


I will keep watching to see how things develop. Naturally, however, I will be as appalled as almost everyone else if the government succeeds in putting either Lin Fei-fan or Chen Wei-ting behind bars for their occupation of the Legislative Yuan. 

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