Sunday, 9 March 2014

Weekend Disruption

During this past week there has been work going on round the back of my house to install new electricity cables underground; they were being laid under the narrow lanes that run at the top of my street which is where I have to walk with my dogs to get to the little park at the back of my house. I don't usually go to that park, but it is more convenient when I am pushed for time as I don't need to drive and it gives the dogs a change of scenery. With the mini excavators and dumper trucks at work on Friday, I carried Shao Bai and Wanwan to and from the park with me.

I really like this picture; it was taken by a visiting friend on an iphone and was one of several she took, but I prefer this one. I had half-heartedly entertained the hope of getting to Wushantou reservoir again today, but I was knackered after another late night and in any case the air is still too hazy and the skies too cloudy to make the best of it.

The electricity cables are not for the existing houses, but (I suspect) for a new high-rise apartment building across the other side of the main road that is entering the final stages of construction. Although the argument for embedding electricity cables underground is that this measure will preclude the costs of possible typhoon damage, I would think the difficulties and costs of maintenance would be far higher for cables stretched underground than for the existing cables running over the streets between posts. But  I don't really know...

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