Saturday, 29 March 2014

On My Lack Of Posting Since Shao Bai

It's not that I am moping about in tears every single day, or that I haven't got anything to say about the protests up in Taipei.

It's that I am far too busy with other responsibilities; there are other people depending on me to get some things off the ground and to keep other things going. I am knackered, can barely keep my eyes open at times, and need to be selfish with what little free time I can snatch here and there.

Having said that, the miserable creature who murdered Shao Bai and attempted to murder Wanwan and my other dogs is unlikely to be sleeping well: I saw him yesterday morning and when he saw me behind him dismounting my bike, he drove off straight through a red light into oncoming traffic to get away from me.

I hadn't said a word.

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