Sunday, 29 December 2013

Cold & Tired

Over the last few days, before and after Christmas, the temperature has reached about as low as it gets here in the south of Taiwan: around ten degrees Celsius at sea level. Up in the high mountains of Kaohsiung, Nantou, Taichung and elsewhere it will be snowing; and snowing is what the weather is like back home in England, or so my parents tell me. That's one thing I've never seen in Taiwan, and nor do I have any great desire to see it either.

Later this afternoon, the moving truck should arrive and my furniture can finally be shifted out of this apartment and into the new house I'll be living in for next year. And yet I'm not sure I'll have everything ready on time; I worked from morning until night yesterday driving between Kaohsiung and Tainan and I've barely slept a wink over the last two nights. I really just want to sleep all day.

I'll be glad when the move is finished and I can start to settle down and get organized again. One thing I've noticed about the new house is that it seems to retain heat much better than this apartment which I suspect is probably down to the smaller size of the window panes. When I get around to it, I'll buy some rugs to cover the living room tiles for the dogs to lie down on. The better heat retention of the new house should be a real benefit for the remaining months of the winter, but will also mean I'll probably need to run the air-conditioners non-stop during the summer months.

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