Monday, 21 October 2013

Flora Fraud In The Taipei Times Yet Again

Yes I saw what the Taipei Times printed yesterday. It was shameless, stupid, dishonest and full of what look like Freudian slips.
"With the publication of the new, fifth report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the climate change denial trolls are predictably crawling out of their hiding places for one last round of regurgitated lies..."
First, I don't deny that the climate is changing, and in particular that there is a long-term warming trend and Flora Faun knows this because she reads my blog. What I do claim and have done for years, is that there are a number of reasons to doubt that this trend is caused largely by man-made carbon dioxide emissions. Second, as regards the accusation of "troll", I long ago stopped counting the number of off-topic, incoherent and gratuitously offensive comments she has left at my blog (all cached for future use) when the number of those comments surpassed the 100 mark.
"Scientific evidence is now so overwhelming and unequivocal that..."
That she is unable to actually describe any of it, save by means of her two crayons "overwhelming" and "unequivocal".
"Laudably, the Taipei Times which used to print articles and letters by climate change deniers like Bjorn Lomborg, Jason Lamantia or Taiwan’s very own denialist supremo, Michael Fagan, has stopped printing such flat-earth  
nonsense for the last couple of years."
Neither myself, Jason Lamantia nor indeed Bjorn Lomborg "deny" climate change. This is merely a drunken snarl, as given comic emphasis by the unprofessionalism of the broken paragraph.
"Their logic is easy to understand: Every year which passes by without meaningful global legislation on curbing greenhouse emissions is a few more trillion dollars in the bank accounts of the fossil fuel companies. Now, wouldn’t you lie for a few cool trillion in the bank?"
Leaving aside her embarrassing slip on the scale (the incomes of oil companies are an order of magnitude lower than that, never mind their profits), but she finds it "easy" to understand the position of somebody who gets paid to tell lies. Perhaps for some obscure reason to do with her avowed feminism she just has more "empathy" for professional liars than I have.
"Will it make lying about and inaction on climate change a crime...?"
And finally, the mask slips entirely. We all know what you are Flora, and so do you.

And so, presumably, does the managing editor of the Taipei Times - which is another reason he/she should be immediately relieved of his/her duties.


  1. Hi Mike, I posted some -rather long- comments on Flora's piece, hoping others might do too, and perhaps get some leads to go against her more firmly. But neither she nor others seem willing to bite.
    I hadn't heard of you before, nor of Jason Lamantia and Flora herself seems just insignificant and clueless however being an annoying parrot.
    I was looking out for some articles in the English media here to comment on on topics like climate change/energy/blue economie and so on but did not find much so far.
    Well I know your blog now, and will be on the watch for other occasions to comment on.
    Keep up the good work !


  2. Yes I saw that, thanks. I'm a bit busy lately with some off-line problems to solve but hope to be posting more regularly soon. One of the things you might notice if you skip through my blog is my interest in Taiwan's reservoirs - there will be future posts on this topic when I get around to it.

  3. I will certainly go through your blog and will follow it in future. Water policies is not so much my thing though, but I do know it's a topic that requires serious attention. I just commented on another piece in the Taipei Times, this is more close to me.

  4. Seems like Flora's given you some free advertising for your blog in Taipei Times.

  5. You, Mr. van de Putte, are about to get trolled and become famous--that is, Taipei Times famous--as well.

    That said, welcome to the "been trolled" club. I don't comment on these issues so much anymore, usually because I find certain aspects of science cultist (with certain German bloggers in Taiwan claiming that science is absolute and objective truth and whatnot) and because my concerns are more with security issues, but my old blog, now defunct, received its fair share of ad hominem and otherwise off-topic smears from a certain "Anonymous" little coot with whom Mr. Fagan has become more than merely acquainted.

    Anyway, just a fair heads up. Cheers.~


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