Friday, 5 July 2013

The Reward For Replacing My Earphones

For some now forgotten length of time - at least several months - I have been meaning to buy a new pair of earphones (one of my dogs chewed up the last pair) and yet every time I went to Carrefour, sheer mindless force of habit led me straight past the electronics section to the groceries section, and I just kept forgetting to buy a new pair. Earlier tonight however (thursday night), I somehow remembered by chance and was rewarded with the discovery that the type of earphones I like were on sale with a 20% discount. Pretty cool.

But not as cool - nowhere near as cool - as listening to the new Boards Of Canada tracks with the added level of sonic detail rendered by the earphones; I had listened to "Come To Dust" previously, but because the sound was being squeezed out through my crappy little laptop speakers in competition with the ambient noises of my apartment (air fans), I hadn't been able to hear just how "textured" it actually is.

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