Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A New Blog Header Image

Taken this afternoon at sometime after 3.30pm, looking toward Tainan city from the north on highway 17. Although it is approximately the same view of the city skyline as in my previous header image, the location from where it was shot is slightly different for two reasons; first, a new road sign has been erected that would have partially blocked the shot, and second, one or two particular trees lining the middle of the highway have grown considerably since last year and so blocked the view toward the western buildings (on the right) from the previous position I had taken up last year to the left. Compare...

This shot was taken from about 50 yards forward of last year's position (to get in front of the new road sign) with the 18mm lens rather than the 250mm - hence the distance of the city skyline. Notice how a couple of small trees are blocking the view to the east of the city, and compare this to how those same trees looked in last year's shot...

Still, I think shooting from the middle of the road (and significantly farther back) rather than the left has given me a better view. Of course, the bright light, blue sky and dark cloud formations today were far superior to the previous hazy conditions, which was why I decided to drive out to take some shots whilst I had a couple of hours to spare. I love the look of this road, especially when it's empty - which requires a patient minute or two waiting until the traffic both left and right is stopped at distant red lights.

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