Wednesday, 12 June 2013

"Rest Of World Should Consider Giving 'Truth-Teller' Asylum"

Agreed: well done the staff of the China Post - this is the title of their Wednesday, June 12th 2013 editorial. It's an admirable sentiment, and one which seems to have been "inexplicably" missing from the pages of the Taipei Times.


Brendan O'Neill writes for Spiked:
"Worst of all, the cult of the whistleblower reveals the mainstreaming of conspiratorial thinking, of the belief that dark forces rule over a weak and emaciated public that is kept in blissful ignorance."
This is not one of O'Neill's better articles. The NSA programs were implented via an order from a court (FISA) whose sessions are held in secret behind closed doors, for crying out loud! What O'Neill is doing is using the term "conspiratorial thinking" merely for it's connotative value as a tool of mockery (note the later introduction of Alex Jones for not-so-subtle comparison purposes, i.e. anyone who lauds Snowdon's actions is akin to Alex Jones).

The reason Snowdon's actions are important is not that what he has revealed is surprising - it isn't - it is because he is defying the will of the U.S. government. In that sense Snowdon has subverted the function of the"whistleblower".

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