Sunday, 2 June 2013

Dog Pictures

It's been very hot and humid this week and my refrigerator was on its defrost cycle too so I had to spend more money than usual at the 7-11 to buy cold waters, juices, coffees, beers etc. I haven't felt like writing and have been reading a lot of old Orwell essays, and have been trying to find something on aesthetics that isn't either trivial, obvious or appalling nonsense. Not much luck finding what I'm after yet. I've been busier with work too the last few weeks.

 Some dog pictures to keep the blog ticking over...

That's Coco next to my little bike at the big park. The little bike is what I use to ferry them all around from park to park, two at a time.

This is "Black & White", my husky mongrel who was already about two or three years old when I found her. She's now about five or six. The heat was too much for her so later I hosed her down.

This is Wan-wan (as in the second syllable of "Taiwan") which I pronounce with an "a" rather than the "o" that some Americans say it with. Here, he's lying in a pool of dirty water from the tap - and I'd only washed him the day before.

Widening the shot out, Wanwan is to the right with his brother Shao Bai to the left - also lying in the mud, also after I'd just washed him the day before.

Shao Bai in focus in the background with Wanwan in the foreground, and (below) the other way around...

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