Monday, 1 April 2013

Paolo Di Canio

"The 12 mad dictators of Christmas......
On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me....12 Chairrrrmannnn Maoooos.....11 Joseph Stalins....10 Bonapartes....9 General Pinochets....8 Fidel Castros....7 Leon Trotskys....6 Alex Fergusons...5 Dieeeee Fuhhhhreerrrrrsssss....4 Pol Pots......3 Robespierres....2 Il Duces...and a Paolo Diiii Cannniiiooooo...."
Commenter "Locke's SAFC" on the appointment of Paolo Di Canio at Sunderland following the sacking of Martin O'Neill. Di Canio might be a fascist, but he's not there to run a government, he's there to get a bunch of losing players to start winning football matches. Oh and he made David Milliband (former Foreign Secretary and brother of incumbent Labour Party leader) quit the club, which is a little bit amusing, if nothing else.

Di Canio's appointment occuring on the 1st of April is a bit of a laugh as well I suppose.

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