Monday, 25 March 2013

What Is At Stake In The Fight Over The 4th Nuclear Power Plant

"Taiwan Power Co (Taipower) has “deliberately overestimated” the nation’s future electricity demand, while underestimating its overall power supply capacity..."
Well thank goodness they didn't do the opposite of that.

If the KMT are serious about saving the 4th nuclear power plant, and I am beginning to suspect they are not, then what they must do is start asking questions of the anti-nuclear group.

Are they also opposed to coal?

Are they also opposed to natural gas?

In both cases the answer is yes - and everybody knows it - and the reason why is not hard to discern because it is made obvious by the fifth of their list of five demands: "zero growth in electricity demand". That goes way beyond a mere demand for "clean" sources of electricity; that is an insistence that aggregate electricity consumption cease to rise in the future, and the implication of that point ought to be horrifyingly obvious: the rationing of electricity. The supply of cheap electricity has been arguably the single most important constituent to human freedom and welfare of the past century, and yet...

... these people want to limit it.

They cannot be allowed to win this argument, because they will not stop with the destruction of nuclear power - coal and gas will be next. Overestimating the eventual arrival of electricity shortages is not the way to win the argument. The way to win the argument is to go on the attack and keep asking the types of question which reveal them for what they really are.

Why are you opposed to electricity increases?


  1. At least the KMT doesn't have double standards when it comes to this issue like the failed green movement that's pushing those poor young students to the frontline.

  2. Klaus, the green "movement" are winning the public debate. This is not about the ostensible issue of nuclear power, pros and cons, this is about political power.

  3. Mike, it's not the green "movement" that's winning the public debate, it's a bright spectrum of people of all ideological colors and backgrounds. In my comment I'm referring to the old greens who failed during CSB, and are clinging to the DPP like grim death. If the DPP can find a way to get rid of this element of the past they will be able to seriously compete in a national election, if not we will have KMT in charge for many years to come. I'm looking forward to that, because I'm running a profitable business, and I have good connections to members of the party.

  4. Klaus, you are wrong! You can take your connections and shove them somewhere! Piefke!


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