Friday, 8 February 2013

For Today

This is an EP from Boards Of Canada released in, I think, 2001 or 2002. I remember I bought the CD as soon as it hit the shelves in the local record shop in Durham.

I just got back tonight (10pm) after work, following almost an entire day out in Tainan's northern Baihe district from 10am this morning. Previously, I had explored some of the narrow little farmer's roads in and around the fork that forms the north-eastern quadrant of the reservoir's geography. Today, I followed those roads further, made several interesting discoveries and took some good pictures. I'll upload them tommorow morning.

Meanwhile, the dogs have had to wait for me all day long. I had fried chicken ready for them as soon as I walked through the door, but I'll have to take them out to the park now, and then give them some proper food (including more chicken - this time steamed). I'm tired; today was a good day well spent.

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